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Catherine (better known as Neenah) Smith came to Austin from San Antonio, a widow with grown children and grandchildren. She was the only member of her family to accept the Faith and is described as petite, proper, always well-dressed, and absolutely indefatigable when came to promotion of the Faith. Much of the success of the spread of the name of Baha'i in Austin belongs to Neenah. She never stopped, taking the bus to East Austin and making friends with prominent school officials and church officials there. Neither she nor Anna had a car and neither had much money, but they persevered, putting stories in the newspaper, holding "firesides" (home meetings) and arranging public meetings and speakers. Anna moved to the country not many years after Neenah came.

Neenah would travel to College Station to visit family where Catherine Gent and her family were at the time, becoming fast friends.

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