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A New Dress for Mona: Abridged One-Act Version

A play by Mark Perry

"A country in revolution, A holy place in ruins, A dream of three dresses, 16 year-old Mona is finding out the meaning of love. Shiraz, Iran 1982. Fanaticism runs rampant in the streets, and Mona, as a Bahá’i – a member of Iran’s largest religious minority – is the fanatic’s prime target. One night, she has an important dream. It is a dream of three dresses, each representing a different direction her life might take. In her dream and in her waking life, Mona makes her choice- a choice that will lead her straight into danger’s path. This touching drama for youth and adults is based on a true account and raises fundamental and challenging questions about life, faith and sacrifice for all to consider."

Performance Date: Saturday, September 23rd.

Two Showtimes:

(1) House Opens at 2:00pm. Performance at 2:30pm.

(2) House Opens at 7:00pm. Performance at 7:30pm.

Location: Austin Bahá’i Center. 2215 E M. Franklin Ave, Austin, TX 78723.

Payment: Free Admission. Donations will be accepted the night of the performances.

** We would like to emphasize that this production is not intended for young children due to its sensitive content. We highly value the theater experience for audiences of all ages, and to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of everyone attending, we kindly request that you consider the age appropriateness of the play before making your final decision.

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