Resources for Children

  • Brilliant Star Magazine, Games, and Web Resources - Guided by the Bahá’í Faith (but supportive of all religious identities), Brilliant Star is a welcoming, imaginative world where kids can explore their dreams, develop their self-esteem, and express their noble identity. "We encourage children to see themselves as spiritual champions and leaders, to use their virtues to be of service to their families and communities, and to become engaged world citizens."

  • The Virtues Basket - Videos for Children on virtues such as unity, service, respectfulness, generosity, self-discipline, assertiveness and more.

  • Red Grammer - songs and messages of love for younger children.

  • Baha’i Blog’s Jordan Raj introduces Baha'i holy days and words! Helpful for children and adults: Ridvan, What's That Word?, and Ayyam-i-Ha.