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Race Unity

The Bahá’ís participate extensively in activities aimed at the eradication of racism and racial discrimination. Many Bahá'í communities have sponsored public meetings, conferences, summer schools, written newspaper articles, and developed radio programs and exhibits in support of the objectives of race unity.

Bahá'ís are frequently in the community forefront of national and local race unity efforts designed to eradicate racism.  Bahá'ís also participate on such boards as the National Conference for Community and Justice , human relations commissions, and interfaith service groups.

A number of Bahá'í communities have established race unity committees with multiracial membership that have developed programs to eliminate racial prejudice and to create bonds of mutual respect among peoples of different races in their local communities.

These committees have attempted to contribute to the elimination of racial prejudice in society at large through extensive collaboration with leaders in government, education and religion. Despite the inevitable obstacles encountered by the Bahá’ís in their ongoing process of eradicating racism from their communities, their experience has been a positive and unifying one.

Click here to view the statement on Race Unity by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States.

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